Hyprotek’s Intellectual Property Portfolio

To assist with advanced wound management systems, Hyprotek has developed superior medical devices to reduce HAI incidents. Hyprotek holds a host of portfolio patents that protect the key areas of its innovative technology and it has additional patents pending in areas that include:

  • PortProtek Sterile Flush Syringe and Cap systems: for the protection and disinfection of I.V. catheters, ports and dialysis ports
  • Hyprotek Mix/Admin Syringes for the sterile environment, mixing and error-proof method of administering lyophilized drugs or biologicals with their necessary diluents, as well as just-in-time administration of various parenteral medications
  • High-level disinfectant liquids for use with I.V. and dialysis ports, as well as antimicrobial gels for urological catheter insertion and other uses
  • Protective antimicrobial dressings at intravascular catheter sites and for procedural and surgical sites
  • Antimicrobial wound dressings to promote wound healing and eliminate a broad range of microbial pathogens that can include bacterial and fungal pathogens
  • Antiseptic surgical scrub soaps with a residual antimicrobial barrier that’s invisible
  • Hand sanitizers that are effective against bacterial spores and multi-antimicrobial resistant pathogens

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