Recent Efforts

As a result of its research projects, Hyprotek has been able to develop and patent a host of innovative technologies including the SwabFlush IV port disinfection and flushing system that are now marketed by companies like Medline in the United States and B Brawn in Europe. Hyprotek is commercializing its mixture and administration syringe used for sterile reconstitution and the administration of lyophilized drugs.

Additionally, Hyprotek has recognized the limitations with alcohol-alone antisepsis, and is now seeking out Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of its next-generation, and patented high-level disinfectant gels, solutions and systems.

Furthermore, Hyprotek is seeking out discussion opportunities to increase clinical studies and laboratory investigations to expedite regulatory approvals with the FDA and various international regulatory agencies for its antimicrobial catheters, wound dressings and surgical site dressings.

Hyprotek would like to collaborate with established businesses and companies interested in seeking out manufacturing regulatory approvals and pursuing global marketing and sales efforts. Interested parties should contact Hyprotek at or (509) 994-4423 for more information.

This list will be updated with new information shortly.

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