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An increasing problem in the past 20 years has been bacterial resistance to antibiotics. The emergence of these dangerous and disturbing resistant strains are increasingly coupled with what some claim may be a post-antibiotic era which may be eminent. At Hyprotek, our high-level disinfectant solutions and gels are helping to lead the way in innovative change for the future.

One of the largest challenges that face health care providers is increasing workflow efficiencies while also enhancing patient care and safety. Hyprotek leads the way in its development of products that offer the highest standard for safety, quality, efficiency and sustainability.

Hyprotek’s High-Level Disinfecting Gels and Solutions

Hyprotek’s high-level disinfecting gels and solutions are effective against MRSA, multi-resistant gram-negative bacteria and various types of spore-forming bacteria. They also help to prevent bio-film formation, are effective against various types of fungal infections, provide a multi-antimicrobial spectrum, and make the development of resistance highly unlikely.

As we continue our quest to improve medical quality, care and safety for health care providers, in contact with skin, Hyprotek’s high–level disinfecting gels and solutions and gels are non-toxic to the skin, non-allergenic and rapid drying.

Hyprotek is the creator of PortProtek Intravascular Catheter, serving hospitals around the world.

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