Hyprotek has developed the PortProtek, an intravascular catheter (IVC) port cap that can work to thoroughly clean and disinfect access ports located at the terminal ends of intravenous catheter line sites. A small device, the plastic cap fastens securely at the access port location. This creates an air-tight seal at the catheter port and reduces airborne pathogens. Utilizing two caps, it works to disinfect the IVC port.

The first IVC cap contains an antimicrobial solution that is strong and effective at killing any microorganisms that might contaminate the port. It remains affixed to the IVC port while not in use.

The second cap has a disinfectant and cleaning solution that can work to eliminate any possible contamination at the catheter port location directly before access. This can also be used to disinfect, clean, and protect the male luer connector.

The benefits include:

  • PortProtek Caps work as a single-use system for high-level disinfection to protect the delivery of intravascular fluids via access ports
  • A sterile site is in place for mixing/administration syringes that can help with the delivery of lyophilized medications
  • To minimize microbial pathogens, high-level disinfectants can be used for puncture and surgical sites
  • Catheter sites will have an antiseptic and semi-transparent dressing area
  • For wounds, diabetic ulcers, and post operative incisions, there will be an antimicrobial, non-antibiotic dressing present
  • Hand sanitization products can help with healthcare, food preparation and other sterile use settings

Hyprotek Mixing and Administration Syringe

The Hyprotek Mixing and Administration Syringe will allow for the mixing and administration of various medications in a completely sterile and closed environment, thereby reducing the contamination risk for patients. With syringe volumes that range from 2-cc up to 160-cc, the syringes have a single-dose with specific lyophilized drugs included tat offer the correct volumes and diluents.

There is also a penetrator present to puncture the drug for mixing medications. As the Mix and Admin syringe system is in a sterile package that’s enclosed, it blocks microbial contaminants from accessing the sterile environment. It also reduces drug exposure risk for caregivers from toxicity associated with some chemotherapy drugs that have to be mixed before they are administered.

Hyprotek is a leading provider of Hospital Infection Prevention Products for hospitals around the world.

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