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The PortProtek intravascular catheter (IVC) port cap thoroughly cleans and disinfects access ports at the terminal ends of intravenous catheter lines. This device is a small, plastic cap that fastens securely to the access port, creating an air-tight seal of the catheter port. A pair of caps will be utilized in the disinfection of the IVC port: the first cap contains a strong antimicrobial solution effective at killing microorganisms contaminating the port and will remain affixed to the IVC port when it is not in use. The second cap contains a cleaning/disinfectant solution to eliminate any potential contamination of the catheter port immediately prior to access. The second cap also could be utilized to clean, disinfect and protect the male luer connector.


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Hyprotek Mixing / Administration Syringe

The Hyprotek Mixing / Administration Syringe allows the mixing and administration of medications in a completely closed and sterile system, thus markedly reducing the risk of contamination for the patient. Using a variety of syringe volumes from 2cc to 160cc, the medical syringe system comes packaged with a single dose of a specific lyophilized drug, the correct volume and type of diluent, and a penetrator to puncture the sealed drug enabling the sterile mixing of the drug into solution. Since the Mix / Admin system is enclosed in a sterile package, it prevents particulate or microbial contamination from the environment. Additionally, it minimizes the drug exposure risk to the caregiver from chemotherapy toxicity or allergic reactions from the mixing and administration of the drug.

Hyprotek is the inentor of of Hyprotek Mixing / Administration Syringe | Hyprotek Inc., serving hospitals around the world.

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